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Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

Hey there, I’m Christine Sandoval! Let’s talk about how to sell your home for top dollar. I want to explain the top 5 ways to make your home stand out above the rest.

Beautiful Listing Photos
When you start interviewing agents to list your home, one of the most important questions you can ask them is: Who is your photographer? If the agent can’t give you an answer – or worse, tells you that they DIY all of their own photos – run! Because of apps like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia, potential home buyers have been trained to swipe left. When they see homes with bad photos, they won’t even bother coming to look at it in person. They’ll just keep scrolling. Make sure that your agent hires a professional real estate photographer that knows exactly how to capture the best feature of your home. This is the first step to driving tons of traffic to your home.

Appealing Decor
Unless they’re an interior designer with a trained eye, it’s really difficult for the average buyer to see past your decor. Even if you’ve chosen your pieces carefully and paid a premium price, it may not suit the buyer’s taste or needs. The problem arises because, in order for a buyer to want your home, they have to be able to see themselves living in it first. But this is nearly impossible when they can’t get past a chair, rug or tile selection that you’ve chosen that doesn’t match your style. Sure, everyone knows that a rug can be replaced, but if the rug is so offensive that the buyer can’t get past it, it’s likely that they won’t be able to see themselves moving in either. Eliminate this entire scenario by removing all unnecassary clutter, updating your furniture pieces, and using a neutral color palette that will appeal to the masses. If you don’t know how to do any of this, your Realtor should be able to put you in contact with an amazing home stager.

Competitive Pricing
Contrary to popular belief, the price of the home is not what you think it is worth, but what a buyer is willing to pay. This means that the market is what determines the price of the home, not the seller, not the appraiser, not the Realtor. You may think that your home is worth x amount because you improved it, made memories in it, and took such good care of it. But none of that matters to a buyer. They will be looking at the home objectively. And if they can’t justify the price, they’ll move on. For all of my clients, I have a very candid conversation with them so that they understand how to price their home so it can sell quickly and for top dollar.

Good Vibes
Sometimes, there are things that you can’t even see that are holding back buyers from writing great offers. It could be a funky pet smell, a dark and drab interior, and unusually hot or cold temperature, or even a weird creepy sound that spooks the buyer out.

Great Communication
Sometimes, the home is perfect, but it’s a lack of communication that prevents offers from flowing in. Your agent should be available via text during normal working hours. If you can’t even get a hold of her, how is a potential home buyer supposed to? You also have to be flexible. I understand the inconvenience of keeping the home clean to show at a moment’s notice, but if you want to get the home sold quickly, everyone needs to be flexible.

The key to selling a home fast and for more money is making a great first impression, and this is where a skillful agent can really help you. This is where I step in. Before listing a property, I love to visit a space that we’re listing and make recommendations on things that need to happen to make the house it’s most marketable. So if you’re thinking about making a move, let’s chat! 

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Hey, I’m Christine Sandoval! I am a dedicated and experienced Realtor® serving the Inland Empire. As a native of Rancho Cucamonga, I have built a reputation for providing top-notch service and achieving outstanding results for my clients. With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, I am an advocate for my clients' best interests. I have a passion for helping families find their forever homes. Coming from a law enforcement and military family, I pride myself in being a Military Relocation Specialist with a commitment to helping veterans and first responders. When I am not busy helping my clients navigate the world of real estate, I enjoy spending time with my family chasing my twin boys around, while traveling and exploring the many hidden gems of the Inland Empire. See you around the IE!
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